Newtown’s ‘Fine Homebuilding’ Death Threat Taunton

November 30, 2014


Aleister Crowley

Aleister Crowley

By now almost everyone is aware of the sorted history residing in Newtown, Connecticut.

According to my source, Newtown is controlled by the top people involved with MK-Ultra mind control.

I’m told the top people systematically and routinely perform the practice of satanic pedophilia as means of obtaining shamanistic-style black magic which is used to rule over the masses.

Satanic pedophilia is a progeny of Aleister Crowley’s “tried and true” sex magic mantras where he claimed powerful energy is gained from “engaging” a child’s sexuality.

The elites employ this universal sexual energy, known as Orgone, to extensively expand their supernatural “black magic” ability to divert the masses from reality under mind control.

The elite practice of demonizing children’s sexuality in satanic form is said to keep the masses sexually repressed and dumb-down, thus rendering them unable to fight-back against this satanic despotism through the gaining of any genuine sexual energy themselves.

Tesla’s free energy devices, just as with all free energy in nature, is derived from Orgone which can be manufactured through the practice of sexuality as German Wilhelm Reich extensively documented in his life works.

Orgone energy is a hypothetical universal life force originally proposed in the 1930s by Wilhelm Reich.[1][2][3] In its final conception, developed by Reich’s student Charles Kelly after Reich’s death, Orgone was conceived as the anti-entropic principle of the universe, a creative substratum in all of nature comparable to Mesmer‘s animal magnetism, the Odic force of Carl Reichenbach and Henri Bergson‘s élan vital.[4]Wikipedia

According to my source, US Ambassador to the UN John Bolton’s nephew, Greg Dixon, a Masonic High school friend and informant deeply connected with Freemasonry, the Sandy Hook shootings actually involved a ploy to “steal” the school children for MK-Ultra brainwashing under the elites own personal “sex magic” practices as means to further their gun control agenda.

Whereby the parents of Sandy Hook fully consented to sacrificing their own children to elites for the specific MK-Ultra sex magic mind-control purpose of being later used against the unsuspecting public in yet another false flag event similar to the one MK-Ultra patsy victim Adam Lanza was just recently scapegoated.

Fairfield Hills Mental Hospital

MK-Ultra Testing Facility at Fairfield Hills Mental Hospital in Newtown, Conn.

Dixon said Fairfield University, located about 20 miles from Newtown, was used extensively by elite Jews who organized and carried out systematic sexual MK-Ultra mind-control techniques on patients housed at Fairfield Hills Mental Hospital.

Fairfield University

Fairfield University

German Psychoanalyst, Wilhelm Reich, was ultimately murdered by these elite Jews for simply linking sexuality to Orgone energy. Reich continued to document this evidence which he supplied to the public even after having received numerous death threats from the Jewry. Reich was eventually killed in prison to silence his research by the very same Jews who put him there.

Orgone quite possibly is the single most important tool available to humanity in undoing the elite reign of terror we all are going to live under.

The Jewry has already killed to keep it secret, and they do not want you to know about it.

Newtown, Connecticut is a major stronghold of the top power elite seeking a New World Order.

The prominent “Fine Homebuilding” magazine publisher, Taunton Press, is based in Newtown.

The name Taunton also happens to be a city in Massachusetts, where conditions are reported to be very bad. Dixon says these conditions are purposely made so by the top people, and precisely why elite Jews at Taunton Press chose the name Taunton.

Below are the top responses from Urban Dictionary’s definition of ‘taunton’:

Where your dreams never come true. its full of lost hope. if your not leaving after high school im sure your not going to. the roads suck, ever inch you go is another pot hole. it has the highest drop out rate around […]

AKA T-Town. One of the oldest, coldest, and crapiest cities south of Boston. The roads suck, the buildings suck, the people suck. We have the Weir which is just the T-Town ghetto where conviencience stores are robbed weekly. Morton Hospital which is terrible and more people die there than oversees. – Urban Dictoinary

These conditions elites create are further usurped when Jewish publisher pick “Taunton Press” as their namesake solely to embody the crypto-meaning hidden within.

According to Dixon, Taunton Press is “taunting me with death” having in 1984, photographed me working construction and later published the photo on the front cover of their “fiftieth-edition” Fine Homebuilding monthly magazine publication shown below.

Brant Haeg  Cover Fine Homebuilding

Taunton Press’ “50th” Death-Threat Innuendo

However, like most things the elite control, Dixon said the number 50 contains an ancient death-threat numerology innuendo and lies in the significance and motivation behind featuring me on the 50th edition issue.

A death-threat innuendo numeric sequence derived from ancient numerology, Dixon explained, where the number 9 represents the act of dying or pre-death.

Followed by the number 0, which is said to represent the act of having died, and then gone to heaven, therefore represents both death and“God” simultaneously.

Continued by number 1, which represents rebirth or reincarnation.

Simply Put: 9=dying, 0=death/God, 1=rebirth, numerology said to hold true for all numbers ending in 9, 0, or 1.

Ancient numerology used on 911 to subvert “God” through bypassing the number 0.

According to Dixon, the elite Jewry believes I represent, metaphysically, intellectually, and genetically one of the hopes for the Aryan race come together and mount a renaissance of some sort… thus turning the tide of our impending Aryan Cro-Magnon extinction facilitated at the hands of Jewish Neanderthals and their Masonic Neanderthal brethren.

This would explain the relentless and systematic targeting Sayanim tribal cabalistic Neanderthal Jews, Dixon said are out to genocide the entire Aryan, Cro-Magnon race, impose over us with help from their lackey Masonic subordinates.

Just as they have previously carried out during the Crusades, the Plagues, Civil war, WWI, WWII and virtually all other wars and atrocities committed against Aryans of all skin colors over the course of history.

Where all the best Aryans Cro-Magnon genetics have already been systematically removed from existence.

And the very definition of their NWO… one where Aryans no longer reside.

A New World Order planned on being achieve through continued practice of Crowley-satanism and MK-Ultra mind control used to suppress natural Orgone energy, thus furthering the intellectual divide through cognitive dissonance.

Where under this Jewish mind control, a false reality can be created in which European Aryans, who do all the fighting and dying, are told they are heroes for killing their ethnic Aryans “enemies,” only to further Jewish dominance and likelihood a NWO will be obtained, rendering them at bests future slaves to their Jewish masters.

Great Hoards of Crazed Aryans -

Spiritual syphilis –


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One Comment on “Newtown’s ‘Fine Homebuilding’ Death Threat Taunton”

  1. Creighton Lee Rose Says:

    I have information on an atrocity/tragedy that was averted-(easily)-that would have gained national attention, during the months of Oct/nov in thru march of 2012…on Whidbey island. Perpetrated by whom? Thats what ive been trying to figure out…names were mentioned in November that only gained prominence & notoriety in dec of 2012.

    Off island perpetrators?….or on island?….both possibly? Its just that certain people either here on island, or off island wanted & were prompting 24 hours a day that a horrific event happen to the good people of Whidbey island for their own profit, both financially & politically. Its nohing short of domestic terrorism-for it meets the dictionary definition.

    If interested, – or not-for its dangerous information to publicize. Maybe you know someone who would? You have my contact info.

    Enjoy your Thanksgiving. This is not a joke of any sort.


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