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FM Radio Frequency Link to Skin Cancer

March 31, 2015


There Are 15,330 Radio Stations in the United States. The FCC‘s numbers show they have 30,367 total licensed broadcast outlets nationwide (AM/FM/TV) that includes 4728 AM stations, 6613 commercial FM stations and 3989 educational/non-profit FM stations. Many of these 30k plus broadcasting outlets do not include another 830,000 amateur radio licenses that span across the […]

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AIDS: Man-made Bioweapon Created by Jew Run US Military Industrial Complex

July 22, 2014


Yes, HIV/AIDS is a Bioweapon. And there is a mired of videos and articles all over the internet to support this claim. Of which I will not delve too deeply into for this specific article, but will link to below for further verification. What I will attempt to expose here however, is the exact origins […]

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Microsoft Word ‘Spell Check’ Embedded Eugenic Code

December 31, 2013


There’s a simple way to check your DNA and see if its making the final eugenic cut. In fact, there’s an app for that. One created by no other than Jew eugenicist himself, Mr. Bill Gates. During production, Microsoft included in its WORD program app ‘spell check‘ an embedded eugenic code that filters out the […]

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TSA Poisons Travelers Drinks with Test Strips

September 5, 2012


The TSA has begun implementing a new policy of testing traveler’s drinks for explosives after they have already passed through airport security.  A bit odd don’t you think?  What’s the point of all this security if someone can apparently get a liquid explosive past the initial screening?  It just doesn’t add up. TSA liquid testing […]

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Eugenicide: False Flag Nuking of Israel

February 22, 2012



Embedded within the Global Power Elite’s “final solution” passed down from generation to generation with ever increasing evolutionary ferocity, lies a sinister plot that is currently staged to blow things sky-high. Over the course of past centuries and millenniums, particularly over the last one hundred years, the GPE have let nothing stand in their way […]

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All Answers Exist Within Your Actions

January 1, 2012


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