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Pedophile Ring: The Al Williams Story

December 31, 2015


Redmond Coach Al Williams

Jews within the state are systematically targeting Aryan children for rape and molestation through local municipality based community organized youth athletics and sport leagues. Subsequently, in order to cover-up these Jewish crimes, their Aryan victims are further targeted into silence through use of police intimidation and false criminal charges. Remembering Redmond’s child sex abuse scandal […]

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Proof: Jews Are Up My Ass!

December 11, 2015


On August 10, 1979, UN Ambassador John Bolton’s nephew, Greg T Dixon, a Masonic High school friend and informant deeply connected with Freemasonry, along with fellow Jewish LWHS classmate Rob Tavis and myself, were all getting stoned while enjoying the hot summer day jumping off an old abandoned Kirkland ferryboat docket at the water’s edge […]

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Top Jew Threatens to Kill Aryans

August 31, 2015


Leon Kos (above) was born the favorite son of California’s most prominent Jew. The top people rule from behind the scenes. In recent past, if one expected to get elected to higher office in California, they must first make an impression on Leon Kos’ father (since deceased) and abide to his agenda of killing Aryans… […]

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Kingsgate Murder: Martin Morgan ‘House of Morgan’ Cover-Up

June 30, 2015


Top source reveals Kirkland Council Candidate Martin Morgan murdered a young Aryan boy at the Kirkland, WA Kingsgate Apartments before changing his name and running for political office with help from close friend, Rep. Larry Springer D-Kirkland. The following information was conveyed to me in 1998, before multiple witnesses, by none other than US Ambassador […]

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Murder by Pregnancy: How Jewish Kowalsky Family Attempted to Murder Aryan Girl through Act of Conception

December 28, 2014

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Jonelle Johnson

Severe burns on Jonelle Kowalsky’s stomach caused by her neighbor, King County Sheriff Charles B Kringen, repeatedly raping her when she was only 5-years-old puts her in dire consequences upon becoming pregnant. Around 1987, TechnaPrint, a Washington based printing company, owned by the Jewish Kowalsky family, placed an ad for an educated print secretary to […]

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Senator Slade Gorton’s Crypto Sister

December 28, 2012


Jewish Washington State Senator Slade Gorton (III) descend from a long heritage in the Seafood and fish packing business. In fact, his grandfather, Slade Gorton, started the original Slade Gorton & Company fishing packing business back in 1874. That’s right, “Gorton’s fish sticks” and “trust the Gorton’s fisherman” stem from the same breaded frozen fish […]

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Issaquah City Administrator Leon Kos Rapes Daughter

June 22, 2012


Jewish city of Issaquah administrator Leon Kos (left) outed by his wife for raping their 5-year-old daughter, caused fear and panic to all informed of this knowledge, at the time. Family friend Kathy Kos confided in Dr. Haeg’s ex wife how she suspected her husband, city of Issaquah administrator Leon Kos, was sexually abusing their then 5-year-old […]

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