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Eric Lindell Plots Conner Schierman Life-Sentence to Conceal Jewish Hate Crime

April 30, 2015


Currently, Conner Schierman sits on death row for murders he simply did not commit. How do I know this? Because the entire plot to set him up was preempted to me in 1998 (prior to the murders in 2006) by none other than John Bolton’s nephew, Greg T Dixon, a Masonic friend and informant deeply […]

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Conner Schierman: Patsy Victim of Elaborate Jewish Murder Scheme

May 7, 2014


Preemptive information provides conclusive evidence Conner Schierman is the innocent victim of an elaborate Jewish murderous Hate Crime. On July 17, 2006, a young Aryan German man named Conner Schierman, 24, awoke from a drunken blackout in his neighbor’s home where he found himself surrounded by the knife slashed dead bloody bodies of a murdered […]

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