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Newtown’s ‘Fine Homebuilding’ Death Threat Taunton

November 30, 2014

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By now almost everyone is aware of the sorted history residing in Newtown, Connecticut. According to my source, Newtown is controlled by the top people involved with MK-Ultra mind control. I’m told the top people systematically and routinely perform the practice of satanic pedophilia as means of obtaining shamanistic-style black magic used to rule over […]

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Jewish Island County Sheriff Mark C Brown Runs, Over Aryan Man

April 9, 2013


Current Island County Sheriff Mark C Brown has been serving the communities of Whidbey and Camano Island as Sheriff since 2007.  I moved to Whidbey Island, located in Island County, in 1999. I originally obtained a rental property to see if I could handle the commute back and forth from Kirkland, Washington. In 2000, after […]

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Alex Jones Jewish Wife Makes Attempt on His Life

March 28, 2013


All regular viewers of Infowars.com most likely saw the ‘poisonous monster’ giant red headed centipede Alex recently found roaming the bathroom of his Texas home, which he personally profiled on his website. Some would argue we were all lucky not to have lost Alex to such a sinister creature. For which sinister creature am I […]

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Arrogance is Thy Name: KC Prosecutor Satterberg Thumbs Nose at Murdered Children

January 22, 2013

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SEATTLE, WA — While linking the King County, Washington prosecutor’s website to my latest article, I discovered a sinister web banner featuring prosecutor Dan Satterberg grinning in amusement.  At first take, it appears rather innocuous, but what you don’t know, and I do, is that I preempted this exact banner on the Bellevue, Washington court […]

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