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Wizard of CHAZ: Emerald City Mayor’s Yellow Brick Road Leads to Depopulation

June 30, 2020

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Jewish Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan has Deep State bloodline ties to top Satanists pulling levers to destroy America and its patriotic past – Agenda 21 is a globalist plan pushing a New World Order where the final solution is 95% population reduction. Mayor Durkan descends directly from a vast Sephardic Jewish gypsy bloodline tribe from […]

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Disney Coup: Jewish Whistleblower Attorney Mark Zaid Related to Adam Schiff

November 30, 2019


It appears that Mark Zaid descends directly from Adam Schiff’s Jewish Disney family bloodline – The impeachment show trial currently taking place against president Donald Trump is a Disney bloodline production, through and through. This writer grew up with Walt Disney’s favorite nephew, Leon Kos. The mannerisms, demeanor and traits of Mark Zaid, match that […]

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Sen Chuck Schumer’s Tranny Wife

October 31, 2019


Reportedly, Senator Schumer fell in love with a Jewish transsexual woman named Iris Weinshall, whom he later married. Sen Schumer, the Senate Minority Leader from NY, stems from a large Jewish extended family whom only interbreeds within other specific Jewish bloodlines, of which also are elite. A notable offspring from the ‘Schumer family bloodline’ is […]

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Issaquah City Administrator Leon Kos Rapes Daughter

June 22, 2012


Jewish city of Issaquah administrator Leon Kos (left) outed by his wife for raping their 5-year-old daughter, caused fear and panic to all informed of this knowledge, at the time. Family friend Kathy Kos confided in Dr. Haeg’s ex wife how she suspected her husband, city of Issaquah administrator Leon Kos, was sexually abusing their then 5-year-old […]

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