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HAARP Awakening Germany’s Laacher See Super Volcano

November 27, 2012


Only twenty minutes outside of Bonn, Germany and just eight miles from the river Rhine lies a small body of water created from a super volcano erupting roughly 13,000 years ago and forming a caldera lake atop its crater – currently named Laacher See in German or Laach Lake in English. Laacher See is an […]

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HAARP: Hurricane Sandy Aiming for Big Apple’s “Maggots”

October 28, 2012

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Most people don’t know its elite Jews who named New York City the “Big Apple.”  And yet, even more people would never guess as to the reason why.  Hymietown’s elite Jews, who Jessie Jackson so fluently refers to them as, think the city is way too overcrowded and thus, teaming with “maggots” – where do […]

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