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5 Famous Transsexuals Kept Top Secret

November 30, 2018


One female to male, plus four male to female famed personalities went on to fool the world as secret transsexual celebrities later in life – Four of these well-known celebrity transsexuals listed below, were delivered male at birth to their elite families, before given hormone replacement therapy and psychological support starting when they were very […]

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The Natalie Wood Murder

March 1, 2018

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Hollywood sexual antics led to the murder of Natalie Wood Source closely related to CFR member John Bolton – version of events: On the evening of November 28, 1981, the night of the murder, Robert Wagner and Natalie Wood were reportedly having a three-way with Christopher Walken on their yacht the Splendour while on a […]

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Jewish Detection: How to Identify a Jew

August 31, 2016


Learn to visually identify Jews anywhere – Identifying Jews anywhere, requires only a small amount of time and energy before mastering this truly easy to follow Jew recognition technique. Let’s get started: The foremost step in recognizing Jews everywhere in the world is to first learn how to recognize ‘known Jews’ – already acknowledged, potentially notorious, […]

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