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Pedophile Ring: The Al Williams Story

December 31, 2015


Redmond Coach Al Williams

Jews within the state are systematically targeting Aryan children for rape and molestation through local municipality based community organized youth athletics and sport leagues. Subsequently, in order to cover-up these Jewish crimes, their Aryan victims are further targeted into silence through use of police intimidation and false criminal charges. Remembering Redmond’s child sex abuse scandal […]

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Jewish Snider Family Sick’s Kirkland Police Officer McNaghten on 11-Year-Old

March 1, 2012


KIRKLAND, WA — We were first introduced to the Snider family, a “prominent Jewish family,” through Kirkland little league organize baseball in 1974.  I was friends with their son, John Snider, who was also the age of eleven at the time of this incident in 1976. The Snider’s also had three daughters; Wendy Snider who […]

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