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Masonic US Senators 2016

January 31, 2017


As Freemasonry companion to Jewish US Senators 2016, this article posts all non-Jewish US Senators of 2016, or the Masonic side of the Senate. To understand the Masonic Jewish Illuminati agenda see Jewish US Senators 2016, which will be the same here because Jews control Freemasonry (i.e. the kabbalah for goys), where both Jews and […]

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Merkel TIME Cover Depicts Use of Samson Option

February 28, 2016


TIME Magazine reveals Jewish Eugenic pogrom to nuke Israel aimed to generate Aryan Genocide under use of Samson Zionism and Israel are no more than mere Jewish fronts indented to exterminate the entire Aryan race of Europe and the Middle East through premeditated genocide under use of a Jewish false flag eugenics pogrom. Their objective […]

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Angela Merkel: Hitler’s Niece Facilitates Samson Option against Germany, Europe and Middle East

March 31, 2013


It’s no secret of Jewish intentions to destroy Germany… for eternity. As Jews have made it very clear they want Germans, particularly Aryan Germans, wiped off the face of the planet forever. And the Samson Option is how they plan on going about it.  It seems a lot of people still question if whether Hitler […]

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Does Obama’s Exploding Fist Bump Symbolize Israel’s Imminent Destruction?

March 7, 2013


  All warning signs point to Israel being used as a false flag to destroy Europe and the Middle East starting WW III. Read Full article: Eugenicide: False Flag Nuking of Israel

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Moon Landing Faked: Monkey Shriveled

January 17, 2013


How is it computer, satellite, rover and space station technologies soar, while NASA‘s “man to the moon” technology sits on its ass? As we all know NASA claims to have put a man on the moon using 1960’s technology.  But the question still remains – why haven’t we returned in light of having overwhelmingly advanced […]

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Japan’s ‘Mad Scientists’ Foundation of Fukushima Disaster

July 22, 2012


From the headline of this article I expect you believe I am referring to the fact that Tepco Electric, who runs Fukushima’s nuclear power plant, somehow used ‘mad scientist’ to construct the elevated holding tanks currently putting the world in peril should they collapse. One could clearly argue that you would have to be extremely […]

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European Missile Defense System: Truly Offensive

May 28, 2012


The European Missile Defense System has got to be one of the most insidious US perpetrated acts of deception ever concealed in the history of misleading mankind.  Europe is being hoodwinked by Uncle Sam [Satin] again – and this time, unlike WWII, it could cost them the whole of Europe. The Aegis Missile Defense System […]

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Eugenicide: False Flag Nuking of Israel

February 22, 2012



Embedded within the Global Power Elite’s “final solution” passed down from generation to generation with ever increasing evolutionary ferocity, lies a sinister plot that is currently staged to blow things sky-high. Over the course of past centuries and millenniums, particularly over the last one hundred years, the GPE have let nothing stand in their way […]

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GPE False Flag Nuking of DNC: Vaporizing Blacks and Women off Future Presidential Ticket

January 13, 2012


Posturing on the apex of the elitist pyramid sits a rogue group of “super-elites” wielding all power throughout the cultural world… a culture they have thoroughly created through orchestrated monopolies and fraudulent Banking practices. These Global Power Elite are politically unaffiliated neither as Democrats nor Republicans, nor lay any loyalty to any country, and are […]

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