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Snowden: NSA Operative

February 26, 2014


The NSA, in its Orwellian push for a total surveillance state, or should I say total surveillance planet, has employed the likes of “limited hangout” operative Edward Snowden to help facilitate their elite, mostly Jewish, driven agenda of a New World Order. In 1998, US Ambassador to the UN John Bolton’s nephew, Greg T Dixon, […]

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The Hegelian Dialectic: How Jews Subvert Aryan Philosophy to Manipulate the World

March 12, 2013


Jews constantly exploit Hegelian Dialectic’s to manipulate the world. Here’s how it’s done.  The Hegelian Dialectic is comprised of three essential factors: Thesis, Antithesis and Synthesis, or more easily understood as Problem, Reaction and Solution. The Jews who control America are master of implementing this Aryan philosophy to subvert more logical solutions in favor of […]

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ABC Komo 4 Ken Schram’s Crypto Scam

February 28, 2013

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Ken Schram is a local Seattle area reporter best known for hosting, and instilling conflict in, the local-affairs show Town Meeting and Komo 4’s news segment called “Schram on the Street.” Most recently, Schram hosted a self-gratifying segment were he gave out a personal Oscar-style award debasing mostly local and regional people he thought were […]

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Evidence CBS KIRO 7 Anchor Steve Raible is a Patsy-Shill

June 28, 2012

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SEATTLE, WA — On 30 May 2012, KIRO 7 news Anchor Steve Raible, acting genuinely and earnestly in delivering the eleven o’clock news broadcast, reported that the Romney camp, after just having clinched the Republican nomination, had “accidentally” misspelled the word AMERICA.  KIRO 7 then flashed the Romney camp spelling “mistake” logo on the television […]

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Military Helicopter Fly-By 100’ Over Whidbey Island Home Hours after Posting Article Exposing Alex Jones as Infowar Imposter

May 25, 2012

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On May 24th 2012 at around 10pm Pacific Time a thunderous military helicopter roared just 100 feet over my home on Whidbey Island, Washington.  The all green machine was clearly from the US military, most likely coming from the Whidbey Navel Air station based only fifty nautical miles from my home. This rather large army […]

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Alex Jones: Infowar Imposter

May 24, 2012


Alex “controlled opposition” Jones sole purpose at Infowars.com is to be the number one conspiracy theorist in the world. Alex uses mostly truthful information that ultimately he never fully ties together in revealing the elites, mostly Jews, true agenda of hunting down an Aryan genocide. Proof of this lies in the fact that Alex never […]

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