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Can Iran Jam US Navy Radar?

July 31, 2019

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Is the US Navy a “Sitting DUCK” against Iran? Since 1998 Iran, by means of defending itself against the Great Satin (US & Israel), has acquired its own radar jamming technology, subsequently tested and perfected on soldiers in the region aboard US destroyers, letting them know that the rest of the US fleet are also […]

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Top Jew uses Uranium to Kill Aryan Doctor

December 30, 2015


Issaquah Administrator Leon Kos (above) was born the favorite son of California’s most prominent Jew. The top people rule from behind the scenes. According to John R Bolton’s nephew, Greg T Dixon, a Masonic High school friend and informant deeply connected with Freemasonry, in recent past, if one expected to get elected to higher office […]

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Does Obama’s Exploding Fist Bump Symbolize Israel’s Imminent Destruction?

March 7, 2013


  All warning signs point to Israel being used as a false flag to destroy Europe and the Middle East starting WW III. Read Full article: Eugenicide: False Flag Nuking of Israel

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Moon Landing Faked: Monkey Shriveled

January 17, 2013


How is it computer, satellite, rover and space station technologies soar, while NASA‘s “man to the moon” technology sits on its ass? As we all know NASA claims to have put a man on the moon using 1960’s technology.  But the question still remains – why haven’t we returned in light of having overwhelmingly advanced […]

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Barbara Walters Targets Arafat and Castro with Radiation Poisoning

November 30, 2012


Barbara Walters, who is Jewish, was secretly poisoning both Arafat and Castro, both who are Jewish as well, by putting trace amounts of radioactive substances in their food, drinks and on their clothing.  This was done during the course of many interviews Barbara Walters conducted over the years, followed by dinners they ate together, according […]

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Eugenicide: False Flag Nuking of Israel

February 22, 2012



Embedded within the Global Power Elite’s “final solution” passed down from generation to generation with ever increasing evolutionary ferocity, lies a sinister plot that is currently staged to blow things sky-high. Over the course of past centuries and millenniums, particularly over the last one hundred years, the GPE have let nothing stand in their way […]

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