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Angela Merkel: Hitler’s Niece Facilitates Samson Option against Germany, Europe and Middle East

March 31, 2013


It’s no secret of Jewish intentions to destroy Germany… for eternity. As Jews have made it very clear they want Germans, particularly Aryan Germans, wiped off the face of the planet forever. And the Samson Option is how they plan on going about it.  It seems a lot of people still question if whether Hitler […]

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Alex Jones: Infowar Imposter

May 24, 2012


Alex “controlled opposition” Jones sole purpose at Infowars.com is to be the number one conspiracy theorist in the world. Alex uses mostly truthful information that ultimately he never fully ties together in revealing the elites, mostly Jews, true agenda of hunting down an Aryan genocide. Proof of this lies in the fact that Alex never […]

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