Seattle: Jewish KC Sheriff Stalks, Rapes Aryan Girls, Causing One Multiple Abortions Later in Life

January 24, 2012


Jonelle Johnson

Jonelle Johnson

KIRKLAND, WA — The City of Kirkland, an undeniably Jewish controlled municipality, is covering up the rape and murder of as many as nine Aryan children at the hands of “the” King County Sheriff Charles B Kringen, also a Jew.  Sheriff Kringen ruthlessly and predatorily stalked multiple Aryan children for sex just after having moved into the house directly next door in a Kirkland neighborhood well below his income level, purchased solely for access to rape these young Aryan children… some still in diapers.

Ultimately however, it was the youngest girl still yet to be born who suffered most from Sheriff Kringen’s repeated rapes over the years.  Direly, on one occasion, when she was only five-years-old and Sheriff Kringen caught-her-on-fire with gasoline in attempting cover up what he had just spewed all across the font of her best Easter Sunday dress – burning her stomach so badly – it later caused her to abort five of her children for fear of taking them full-term.

Implicating King County Sheriff Charles B Kringen in multiple murders.  And, conspirators at the Sheriff’s office, Harborview Medical Center, the Seattle Media, the King County prosecutors office and the city of Kirkland, in accomplice to murder.

King County Sheriff Charles B Kringen’s Residence

On July 10, 1963, a young family headed by Elmer and Karen Johnson purchased a newly built home in a Kirkland, Washington neighborhood.  And Just nine short days later, on July 19th 1963, “The” King County Sheriff, an elite Jew by the name of Charles Bennett Kringen purchased the home right next door well below his income level.

John R Bolton’s nephew, Greg T Dixon, a Masonic High school friend and informant deeply connected with Freemasonry, explained to me in 1998, how Sheriff Kringen purchased his home for the sole purpose of being right next-door to the Johnson’s three young daughters.  Dixon said Sheriff Kringen preemptively knew both Johnson parents were “Aryan,” and Sheriff Kringen, being an elite Jew, would therefore try to rape the Johnson’s young Aryan daughters.

Dixon said his Uncle, Kirkland, Washington police officer Bauer Dixon, was selling Child Pornography to Sheriff Charles B Kringen at the time he moved in on the Johnson family, along with his own sexual perverted motives, of which he confided in Kirkland police officer Bauer Dixon.

In 1972, the Johnson’s added another girl named Jonelle, making it four young daughters now living in their home right next door to the Sheriff.  Dixon said Sheriff Kringen, over the years, had attempted engaging in sex with all four of them, but favored “having full sexual intercourse” with the youngest little Johnson girl, Jonelle – a relationship which began when she was only five years old, or possibly even younger.

“A Jew may have sex with a child as long as the child is less than nine years old” Sanhedrin 54b – The Talmud (The Jewish Bible)

Dixon said Sheriff Kringen specifically liked having sexual intercourse with the youngest little Johnson girl, Jonelle, outback in the “tool shed,” attached to the back of the Johnson family garage, and separated from the main residence by a continuous roof covered walk.

Dixon said Sheriff Kringen had his own young daughter of similar age to the youngest Johnson girl, named Beth. Dixon said Sheriff Kringen instructed his daughter Beth to befriend the youngest little Johnson girl, Jonelle, so he could have easier access to her for sex in the comfort of his own home whenever she would come to visit her newfound Jewish “friend.”

Door to Nowhere

Dixon said another ruse Sheriff Kringen concocted in making it easier to gain access to the youngest Johnson girl for sex, was implemented when he employed the labor of the girls own father, Elmer Johnson, in having him help install a door off his own Johnson family garage leading directly to “nowhere”… well actually, it led right next door, directly to Sheriff Kringen’s own property, a short five feet away.

Dixon said Sheriff Kringen was frequently alone with the youngest Johnson girl, Jonelle, in the tool shed and/or garage while having full sexual intercourse with her, but was always able to “get it together in the nick of time” in convincing the girl’s own father and/or other family members who inadvertently stumbled upon them alone together that: he was “just borrowing a tool.”

“Jews may use lies (subterfuges) to circumvent a Gentile.” Baba Kamma 113a. The Talmud (The Jewish Bible)

Dixon said because Charles B Kringen was “The” King County Sheriff at the time [in the early 1970’s preceding Congressman Dave Reichert], a next-door neighbor, and Jewish, he was always able to talk his way out of being caught alone together inappropriately with the youngest Johnson girl, Jonelle.

Dixon said Sheriff Kringen threatened Jonelle with death, as well as the death of her entire family, if she ever told anyone about the sex secretly taking place between them.

A heretic Gentile you may kill outright with your own hands.” Abodah Zara, 4b. The Talmud (The Jewish Bible)

Dixon said on one particular Sunday [a white dress on an Easter Sunday, I believe], Sheriff Kringen thought Jonelle [a five year-old at the time] was “looking just a little too cute in her Sunday best,” of which, Sheriff Kringen was particularly sexually attracted.

Dixon said King County Sheriff Charles B Kringen promptly took young Jonelle into the tool shed attached to the garage on her own family property, “the usual spot”, where he began to have routine full sexual intercourse with her, “just a quickie… right before Church,” as he explained to Kirkland police officer Bauer Dixon.

“When a grown-up man has intercourse with a little girl it is nothing.” Kethuboth 11b. The Talmud (The Jewish Bible)

Dixon said Sheriff Kringen admitted he was careless upon finishing sexual intercourse with Jonelle by “accidentally spewing” all over the front of her best Sunday dress.

Dixon said Sheriff Kringen, now in a mess, lit a cigarette using a “wooden match” from a box of wooden matches lying nearby and quickly exhaled the smoke to mask the odor while simultaneously lamenting on how to clean it all up.

Dixon said Sheriff Kringen remained perplexed while he stood standing over the youngest Johnson girl when he noticed a “Midwest Can Company” gas can sitting on a table in the shed, knowing it was supposed to “remove evidence from laundry” [the dress] he grabbed it along with a rag he saw laying nearby.

Dixon said Sheriff Kringen was holding the rag directly over the youngest Johnson girl as he began pouring gasoline on it, but the rag was not absorbent enough to hold the gasoline and too much gasoline was poured too quickly, causing it to spill over the top of the rag and down all over the front of Jonelle’s dress… directly onto her stomach.

Dixon said Sheriff Kringen began patting-up the excess gasoline covering the front of Jonelle’s dress by using the same rag in hand when, “unexpectedly,” an ash fell from his cigarette directly onto the gasoline saturated rag he was holding, igniting it instantly.

Dixon said Sheriff Kringen claimed not to have enough time to react to the “spontaneous spark of combustion” when the rag ignited and caught fire in his hand – which he claims in turn, caused him to let go immediately, dropping it directly into the Johnson girls stomach, and her gasoline soaked dress.

Dixon said the incendiary intensity of the burning rag being dropped directly onto Jonelle’s lap and catching her gasoline soaked dress on fire, caused her to immediately bend over in a “knee jerk reaction” to the pain.

Dixon said Jonelle’s immediate bending over in reacting to the pain – caused the burns to be much worse – as it compressed the inextinguishable burning gasoline between her stomach and thighs, intensifying the heat buildup in not allowing heat to escape upwards, concentrating the highly incendiary and inflammable gasoline directly onto her skin, and burning her very badly.

Dixon said Sheriff Kringen, now in a panic, threatened Jonelle with instructions to tell her parents it happened because “she was playing with matches” thus, putting the blame solely on her, and making it appear as if it were all her fault.

Dixon said Sheriff Kringen, without ever making a single attempt to put the flames out, turned and ran away as quickly as he could back to the safety of his home right next door.  Away from what he had done, away from the hideous screams of pain and agony he caused, away from the burning gasoline engulfing the young girl’s body, but mostly… away from the “fucking” truth.



Dixon said an Ambulance was ultimately summoned, arrived and rushed the youngest Johnson girl, at the age of five, to Harborview Medical Center in downtown Seattle… located in King County.  Harborview Medical Center is nationally renowned for treating burn victims, as well as for investigating Child sexual abuses, no less.

Dixon said the doctors at Harborview treating Jonelle for her burns were all elite Jews, and new instantly the burns laid-out all over her stomach and legs were simply not caused by the dress alone, but rather by a volatile incendiary combustible… gasoline being the most likely culprit.

Dixon said Jewish doctors at Harborview Medical Center also knew these types of extremely severe burns were not consistent with the story of playing with matches, thus, catching her dress on fire and burning her all by itself.

A spurious story Jonelle was ultimately forced to tell Harborview doctors because of King County Sheriff Charles B Kringen’s instructions to do so – backed up by death threats Sheriff Kringen made directly to her and including her entire family – threat’s that most assuredly pursue her to this day.

Dixon said Harborview Medical Center, responsible for investigating these types of suspicious incidents and dubious stories, looked around at who could have done this.  And ultimately, after ruling out everyone in the Johnson family, turned to the neighbors.

Dixon said Harborview Medical Center abruptly stopped their investigation when they landed upon King County Sheriff, Charles B Kringen’s residence, the very first neighbor they checked into [being the closest neighbor to the young victim]. Harborview knew at this point what most likely happened, and more importantly, knew they had to help cover it up.

Dixon said the youngest Johnson girl’s dress was actually made of “fire-retardant material,” and therefore, would have required a highly incendiary combustible like gasoline to catch it on fire and burn it as bad as it did… enough to classify it as the “object of combustibility” by Harborview, who knew the dress could never have caught fire from matches alone… an essential fact hidden to protect Sheriff Kringen.

Dixon said Sheriff Kringen simply could not keep away from the youngest little Johnson girl sexually, and was driven to visit her multiple times in the Intensive Care Unit [ICU] at Harborview Medical Center – for the sole purpose of engaging in full sexual intercourse, all while she lay confined to the same bed where she was being treated for her burns… the very one’s caused by Sheriff Kringen, no less.

Dixon said Sheriff Kringen made numerous visits for sexual intercourse with the youngest bedridden little Johnson girl, while she remained hooked up to monitors and machines in the ICU, including a nurse’s video monitor that Kringen was unaware of.

Dixon said a female nurse witnessed Sheriff Kringen having full sexual intercourse with the youngest little Johnson girl while in the ICU on the video monitor, and immediately reported it to the head nurse at the time, an “elite Jewish woman” who was aware of the entire situation involving the Johnson girl and Sheriff Kringen.

Dixon said this Jewish “head nurse” covered up the sexual-abuse report made against the King County Sheriff, and the nurse who witnessed and reported the abuse was summarily fired from Harborview [1972].

Dixon said it took many long months for the youngest Johnson girl to recover from this terribly horrific incident, enduring months of extremely painful treatments for these very severe burns, which caused the blistering and ballooning of her skin, requiring many cleansings, years of skin grafts, and all at the Johnson family’s perceived fault and expense.

Dixon said if this incident happened just a few decades earlier, the burns the youngest Johnson girl received on her stomach and legs most likely would have killed her from a “black mold” bacterial skin infection.

After enduring many long months of treatment, the youngest Johnson girl was ultimately released from Harborview Medical Center in downtown Seattle and back to the “safety” of her own family in Kirkland… right next door to King County Sheriff, Charles B Kringen.


Dixon said right after the youngest Johnson girl returned home to Kirkland, Sheriff Kringen decided he was enjoying having sexual intercourse with her so much, he wanted to find a way to make the relationship last as long as possible… without getting caught of course.  So, being an elite Jew, he decided to appeal to the social group of elite Jews he is associated and colluded with, known as “HUBS,” to help him “break up” the Johnson family unit to give him greater access to Jonelle.

Dixon said the individual group member “HUB” Sheriff Kringen is associated with has its own uniquely chosen colluded social group membership, where relationships between its group members are allowed to be publicly known… a circle of friends, family, co-workers, and acquaintances, the obvious people in one’s life.

Dixon said each of these individual social group memberships, collectively called “HUBS” are interconnected to other HUBS, each with its own uniquely chosen social group membership, of which Dixon tells me are all exclusively Jewish.

Dixon said each and every one of these separate and distinct individual HUBS may only communicate with other HUBS by using a single “publicly legitimate” known individual personal connection between two different individual members, from each given HUB wanting to communicate… so not more than one person per HUB may ever come in contact, communicate, or be seen publicly together as friends, co-workers or acquaintances, with another person from a different HUB, as a means to hide these collusion’s.

Dixon said these HUBS all employ this same method of communication in using one single individual person from each given HUB to inform another single individual from another given HUB, and so on, and so on, from HUB to HUB, until all are aware of the issue and can weigh in respectively, and do their part.

Dixon said this elite Jewish “HUBS” method of communication conceals the fact that the elite Jews are colluded in sharing the same information with each other – through this international super highway information dissemination network, one permitting them to secretly communicate without a trace.

Dixon said these exclusively Jewish HUBS exist in all parts of the world, with hundreds of distinct HUBS located in the Seattle area alone, including its headquarters at the University of Washington Husky Union Building.

Dixon said Sheriff Kringen invoked these Jewish HUBS he is associated and colluded with to help him distract, dismantle and dissolve the Johnson family unit, and all done in attempts by Sheriff Kringen to gain greater access to the youngest Johnson daughter for sex.

Dixon said these Jewish HUBS agreed to help King County Sheriff Charles B Kringen break-up the Johnson family unit by bringing in a Jewish woman named “Gloria” to make sexual advances on the targeted youngest girl’s father, Elmer Johnson.

Dixon said Gloria, a Jew, would follow Elmer, an Aryan, to the local bar’s he visited after work – in efforts to “pick him up”… invoking the age-old weapon of sexual desire… in attempting to distract, dismantle and destroy the Johnson family unit through dissolution, a method that is routine practice amongst elite Jews.

Protocols of Zion

Dixon said the plot worked perfectly, Elmer Johnson who is Welsh, left his wife Karen, a Swede, for Gloria, a Jew, and Sheriff Kringen, a Jew, got more access and time alone to have sex with the youngest Johnson daughter Jonelle, an Aryan, who got fewer parents to tell it all to.

Dixon said Elmer Johnson eventually moved out of their family home leaving all five of his Children behind, including the twinkle of the Sheriff’s eye, the youngest little Johnson girl, Jonelle, and into a brand new home with Gloria, who helped cover it all up… just as covered in the Protocols.


In 1983, while attending LWHS High school, I began dating the youngest Johnson girl, Jonelle, now a sophomore and classmate.  We entered into a sexual relationship that lasted from 1983 to 1987, where at one point I asked her how she got the burns on her legs and stomach.

Jonelle explained to me that how on this fateful day, she was out in the backyard on the sidewalk “playing with matches” – “when all of a sudden” – the next thing she knew her dress was on fire.

Jonelle told me how she immediately bent over in pain while trying to put the flames out, but couldn’t put them out… and began crying out in pain “so loud” for her “family to come and help put it out.”

I asked her where she got the matches from.  Jonelle looked unsure, then looked over her left shoulder towards the tool shed, then told me, “I got them from the shed” [attached to the back of the garage], she then pointed to it, showing me where exactly.

At the time, we were out in her backyard sitting on same sidewalk steps where she was ultimately found by her parents, where she claims it happened, which is less than fifteen feet from the tool shed, where she said she got the matches from.

I then asked her specifically whether or not she knew if the dress she was wearing at the time of the incident was “fire retardant?”  Of which she replied, “I thought I was wearing one… my mother was told it was”… and didn’t think her mother “would buy one that wasn’t, but it must not have been, because it was what caused the burns to be so bad.”

I got a strong feeling something wasn’t right about her story, I just wasn’t comfortable with it… I’m still not, but for her sake at the time… I chose to give her the benefit of the doubt.

Dixon said King County Sheriff Charles B Kringen – living right next door – herd me in the backyard that day asking all the “right questions” … which made him very nervous.

Upon multiple arrivals to the Johnson residence, I frequently witnessed the oddly casual, slightly flirtatious, neighborly relationship between King County Sheriff Charles B Kringen and the youngest Johnson girl, Jonelle.

I would often catch them standing alone outside together between their homes talking, I thought it was a little adolescent at times, and can see now in retrospect, at least at some point, there was probably something going on between the two.

Dixon said Sheriff Kringen thought the youngest Johnson girl and I would most likely get married one day, and she would ultimately confide in me the truth about what really happened to her that fateful day when she was burned so badly.

Dixon said Sheriff Kringen didn’t want to be around for that day to arrive, so in 1986 Sheriff Kringen sold his home, the one right next door to the Johnson’s, and moved to Snohomish County, Washington.


Dixon said before Sheriff Kringen moved to Snohomish county in 1986, he sold his home through the connections he has with the social group membership of colluded Jews he associates with, known as “HUBS,” to obtain the Goldenberger’s, a retired couple who are also Jewish, as the buyers.

Dixon said the Goldenberger’s, who had full knowledge of the sex taking place in the home at the time between Sheriff Kringen and the youngest Johnson girl living right next door, agreed to buy Sheriff Kringen’s home at a reduced price to use as their retirement home.

This arrangement was done to ensure the youngest Johnson girl never again set foot in the house that she was being raped in by its previous owner, “The” King County Sheriff Charles B Kringen.

Dixon said as part of the mutual sales agreement made between Sheriff Kringen and the Goldenberger’s, was for the Goldenberger’s to give the Johnson family members “the cold shoulder” and “brush them off publicly” as neighbors. This is exactly what I personally witnessed take place  multiple times by the Goldenberger’s while coming and going from the Johnson’s home.

Dixon said Sheriff Kringen and the Goldenberger’s went to such great lengths, because they didn’t want to trigger any “bad memories” the youngest Johnson girl might have in befriending the new owners and returning inside the home where she was repeatedly raped by King County Sheriff Charles B Kringen.  Something you can only do by controlling the “purchasing neighbor,” such as they did here by using their colluded Jewish “HUBS” to obtain the Goldenberger’s as the buyers.

Medical Doctor

Dr James P Haeg MD

Dr James P Haeg MD

Around 1985, the youngest Johnson girl and I were visiting my family in Salem, Oregon.  At which point, I asked my father, Dr. James P Haeg, a Physician with a prominent family medical practice in Bellevue, Washington at the time, if he could take a look at the burns on Jonelle’s stomach.

I explained to my physician father the fears Jonelle had confided in me of how she was very concerned and worried, due to the burns on her stomach, she might run into complications, potentially even death, if she were to take a pregnancy full term.

My father agreed, and proceeded to visually and physically examine Jonelle’s stomach as we watched. Upon completion, he told us both together that: “It looks like her stomach will be able to stretch enough for a full term delivery.  However, it would be best to avoid a C-section, due to all the build-up of scar tissue,” he added.

As we all stood standing together, my father further explained to both of us how he thought it would be a good idea to get some further testing done and see just how flexible the skin is where the scar tissue on her stomach has been built up, and maybe even send her to a burn specialist to get another opinion… just to make sure, he concluded.

Later that day, while I was away from Jonelle, my father came over and informed me alone, how these burns weren’t caused by her dress catching on fire all by itself.  Whatever caused these burns, he told me, came from something much more flammable and incendiary – burning at a much higher temperature, like what you normally see in an automobile accident where gasoline is involved and has been ignited.

My father continued explaining to me that in extreme automobile accidents, where these same types of high intensity burns are often seen, there caused by spilled gasoline igniting and burning the victims, “creating this exact type of scarring” [exactly like the ones on Jonelle’s stomach].

“It had to be something more than the dress alone” causing terribly severe burns such as these, “even if it wasn’t fire retardant” my father, Dr. James P Haeg, told me privately in conclusion.


Without a shadow of doubt, the burns Jonelle Johnson received on her stomach and thighs were not caused by her dress catching fire and burning her all by itself – as Harborview Medical Center claims happened.  It’s clear that these extreme and severely scaring burns were caused by something other… something consisting of a highly flammable and incendiary nature.

Most Assuredly, the burns Jonelle received all over her stomach and legs were caused by burning gasoline, something Harborview Medical Center’s burn unit specialists should have identified, but clearly chose to cover-up instead, protecting King County Sheriff Charles B Kringen from the implication of Child rape.

The photo(s) I have of the burns on Jonelle’s stomach alone will prove this, as they are not consistent with dress fire burns… fire-retardant or not!  The burns Jonelle is wearing are much more severe, and are identical to other severe burns known to be caused by highly incendiary and flammable combustibles, such as gasoline.

These burns are perfectly consistent with Greg T Dixon’s version of events, and my father’s own professional Medical opinion… It’s simple math, for a very hard answer.


The youngest Johnson girl, Jonelle… for as long as I knew her, and as far as I know, never received any counseling for her burns, or told in any certain or specific terms by a “professional” in the medical community whether or not she would be able to carry a Child to a full term delivery – due to the build-up of scar tissue on her stomach caused by Sheriff Kringen [other than from my physician father, which ultimately was inconclusive information for lack of follow-up].

The reason Jonelle never pursued any follow-up is most likely due to the implicit death threats Sheriff Kringen made against her person and family – if ever she told a medical doctor what really happened – coupled with the obvious fact that most doctors would have recognized she was lying about exactly how she received her burns, just as my physician father did.

Thus, opening Pandora’s Box and unleashing Sheriff Kringen to fulfill the death threats he made against Jonelle and her entire family.  A sinister set of circumstances keeping her from obtaining the full knowledge required to be able to make a decision weather to take a Child to a full-term delivery or not – leaving Jonelle in the predicament of potential death either way… other than receiving an abortion, of course.

Jonelle was left to wonder by herself, if she might die on the delivery room table from a simple Child birth delivery, or even worse, a C-section.  This must have had a considerable impact on her decision to procreate, one might conclude.

The burns Jonelle received on her stomach, the one’s caused by King County Sheriff Charles B Kringen raping her, were the definitive reason she ultimately decided to abort all three pregnancies between us [all performed by Jewish abortion doctors who were all to happy to rip these kids apart, part and parcel to the Protocols, Dixon said].

Every Jew, who spills the blood of the godless (non-Jews), is doing the same as making a sacrifice to God.” Talmud: Bammidber raba c 21 & Jalkut 772

Because of King County Sheriff Charles B Kringen’s explicit death threats made against Jonelle and her entire family – if she ever revealed how she truly received her burns – Jonelle felt condemned from seeking proper medical diagnosis and treatment to determine whether or not she could procreate without having serous medical complications resulting in her death.  By proxy, Jonelle had absolutely no choice but to abort all of the pregnancies she had ever conceived.

Dixon said [1998] Jonelle has gone through multiple procedures where five Children ultimately were aborted [murdered] due to circumstances caused by King County Sheriff Charles B Kringen’s predatory criminal actions – several, culminating in the murderous death of three of my Children!


KC Sheriff Sue Rahr and KC Prosecutor Dan Satterberg [far right]

Dixon said the State, including the Sheriff’s office and the Prosecutor’s office, along with the Jewish controlled City of Kirkland, local Seattle Jew owned news media and Jewish doctors at Harborview Medical Center are all aware of what took place between the youngest Aryan Johnson girl, Jonelle and “The” King County Sheriff Charles B Kringen, a Jew… and all these Jews are continuing to cover it up.

If you Google “King County Sheriff” or “Charles B Kringen” you won’t find any information that he ever existed as “The” King County Sheriff, in fact, you won’t much, if any information about him at all.*

Yet both King County Sheriffs that followed in his footsteps, Congressman Dave Reichert and Sue Rahr, who inexplicably retired on 31 March 2012, not long after the publishing of this article on 24 January 2012, and was replaced by King County Sheriff Steven D Strachan, are everywhere to be found on the Internet… need I say more.

Dixon said [1998] former King County Sheriff, Charles B Kringen, eventually moved to Eastern Washington with his Jewish family.  A Google search currently places him even farther away, in Arizona.


King County Sheriff Charles B Kringen is guilty of Murder in the death of five [known] Children. Three of which were mine.

The State, including the aforementioned King County Sheriff’s office, the City of Kirkland, the King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg, a Jew, who Dixon said would personally try to cover this up, Harborview Medical Center, along with the Jewish controlled media are all guilty of accomplice to Murder.

On 09 November 1999, I went to the City of Kirkland in person to file this and other complaints with the City of Kirkland police department, but I was met with a hostile police Chief named Pleas Green, along with two other officers, where Pleas Green, a Jew, threatened me with a psychological evaluation for making these types of claims.  Unable to obtain a compliant form, I left empty handed.

How crazy am I now Pleas?

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