Kathy & Leon Kos Conspire to Kill Own Aryan Child Doug Ferry

March 31, 2012


City of Issaquah Administrator - Leon Kos

City of Issaquah Administrator – Leon Kos

Doug Ferry and I, were first introduced around 1970, whilst growing up together in a Seattle, Washington student housing neighborhood the same time my father was attending medical school at the U of W.

My parents had developed a friendship with his parents, Mike and Kathy Ferry.  Doug was a few years younger than me, and had disseminated-out of his crypto Jewish mother, Kathy Ferry, with almost his entire Aryan father’s [Mike Ferry] genetics.

Doug had an older brother named Jim Ferry, who had genetically disseminated-out with his mother’s Jewish genetics.  Both were friends of mine around 1970, during the time their Aryan father, Mike Ferry, was “unexpectedly” killed in a freak climbing accident on Mt. Rainier

According to John R Bolton’s nephew, Greg T Dixon, a Masonic High school friend and informant deeply connected with Freemasonry, Mike Ferry was most likely set up to be killed under the premeditated actions of both Leon Kos and Kathy Ferry on that tragic climb.

Actions, according to Dixon, that had Mike Ferry pressured by his wife, and facilitated by Leon Kos, to be in the most vulnerable position of being tied-off to Kathy’s very best friend, a Jew, who was stricken with an extremely painful terminal cancer, and had absolutely no climbing experience, to climb down into a crevasse on Mt. Rainier, while completely dependent upon the actions of one another.

Where, Kathy’s Jewish terminally cancer stricken friend would act with premeditation as the “fall guy” on this climb that Kathy had so zealously encouraged her husband, Mike Ferry, into making solely for “benefit” of her dying friend.

Needless to say, both “fell” to their death while tied-off together in a crevasse on Mt. Rainier that fateful day around 1970.

In 1998, Dixon explained how Kathy and her now newly acquired husband, city of Issaquah Administrator, Leon Kos, who she married hastily, right after Mike Ferry’s death on Mt. Rainier, had also planned the death of Kathy’s Aryan disseminated child, Doug Ferry, as well.

Dixon explained how Kathy Ferry, now Kathy Kos, used a younger JEWISH friend of her’s to befriend her son, Doug Ferry… sound familiar?  Dixon said Kathy then had her friend entice Doug to go out for a late evening swim in dangerous California, ocean waters that held large rocks hidden just below the surface, particularly at dusk, to any would be swimmers.

Dixon said Doug’s newly arraigned Jewish pseudo friend would dive into these dangerous water’s he was familiar with, knowing exactly where rocks that lay hidden just beneath the surface were located.  And, where he would then entice Doug to dive in as well.  Consequently, hoping Doug, unfamiliar with the danger, would hit his head on the veiled rocks that lay hidden just below the surface, thus causing him seriously injuring or death upon his entry dive into these deadly ocean waters.

In the mid 1990’s, I received word through Kathy Kos that Doug Ferry had been involved in a very serious swimming accident and was paralyzed from the neck down.  Apparently, at the time of the “accident,” Doug was swimming in the ocean with a friend in California [a Jew?].

Kathy explained how Doug and his “friend” both went for a late evening swim together, where they were both diving into the ocean, when Doug accidentally hit his head on some rocks hidden just under the surface he didn’t see, causing him to be paralyzed from the neck down.  Yet, Doug’s friend, who was also diving into these same dark waters, was not injured at all, Kathy said.

Both Kathy and Leon Kos, clearly have a history now, of Aryans freakishly dying all around them, ultimately brought on by Kathy’s Jewish friends.

In 1980, when I was fifteen, my mother and I were invited by Kathy and Leon Kos to attend a Little School dinner auction held in Seattle.  Where, after the auction was over, Leon Kos verbally threatened my life, and the life of my entire family, including my then three year-old sister.

I immediately and instantly conveyed Leon’s death threats to my mother, who said, “he [Leon] was probably just drunk and just joking around,” and later to my father, who didn’t want to believe me, and is still friends with Leon Kos to this very day, no doubt.

Dixon said Leon Kos “secretly HATES” my Aryan father and “wants him DEAD,” but needs me dead first, so I don’t make a claim on my father’s mega-multimillion dollar estate Leon Kos and other elite Jews are at present time, set to inherit.

My Aryan father is currently surrounded by Jews that are poisoning him daily, Dixon said, and hasn’t a clue he is hated by the very people who surround him most closely, most notably, Leon Kos, whose half-brother, Frank Chopp, literally runs the Washington State Legislature as Speaker of the House.

Aryans Mike and Doug Ferry, father and son, are both dreadfully dead.  And both had in common, a very close proximity to Leon Kos.  My father, who is 100% Aryan, has an extremely close proximity to Leon Kos…as have I.  Dixon said Leon needs my Aryan ass dead first, before he and his fellow Jews can inherit my father’s mega-multimillion dollar estate… do you see the pattern emerging here?

Dixon has confessed to me on numerous occasions that Leon Kos has stated that he wants to see me and my father dead, as do his friends and family, including Washington State Speaker of the House, Frank Chopp, as well as Senators Pelosi, Boxer and Feinstein, and others  – All of whom are Jews, Dixon said.

Jewish city of Kirkland Council candidate Martin Morgan, has also informed me on multiple occasions that Leon Kos has stated he wants me dead.  Leon Kos personally threatened my life and the life of my entire family at a Little School dinner auction held in 1980, thus revealing to me, his true intentions.

It is plainly evident that with two Aryans already dead in close proximity to Leon Kos, that Leon Kos has the ability to have peopled killed, particularly Aryans, while making it look as though they have somehow brought it on themselves.

You have been warned, father.

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