Kathi Goertzen: Aryan Victim of Jewish Controlled Media

April 28, 2012

Seattle Media

Kathi Goertzen: Before and After Multiple Brain Tumor Surgeries

Kathi Goertzen: Before and After Multiple Brain Tumor Surgeries

SEATTLE, WA — Kathi Goertzen’s brain tumor is a type of meningioma, a noncancerous tumor that grows on the brain stem affecting speech and the ability to swallow. The latest surgeries have partially paralyzed the right side of her face, resulting in difficulty blinking her right eye –

ABC KOMO 4 news Anchor Kathi Goertzen was warned well in advance not to marry her current husband, KOMO-TV account executive Rick Jewett [formerly a sales executive, and KOMO photographer], because he is an elite Jew, according to John R Bolton’s nephew, Greg T Dixon, a Masonic High school friend and informant deeply connected with Freemasonry.

Dixon said the vast majority of his 3,000 plus Norwegian family members living in the Seattle area are instructed not to marry into Jewish Genetics.  And being that Kathi Goertzen [Aryan-German] is a good friend of his family, and an elite, she was warned not to marry Rick Jewett, a Jew.

Kathi Goertzen has been a longtime fixture of the Seattle news media ever since her arrival in covering the SWAT team shooting death of an Aryan man on Whidbey Island… her very first assignment.

An assignment, in witnessing the death of an Aryan man who was unaware Jews who control the state were targeting him for death – using fellow Aryan’s in the SWAT team no less.

And a premeditated precursor of things to come for Kathi Goertzen [Aryan], according to Dixon, who said elite Jews in the media brought Kathi to KOMO specifically so they could  target her for death.

Dixon said Kathi Goertzen is Aryan, and an elite, but is being targeted for death anyway by her elite Jew husband, Rick Jewett, and other elite Jews – as not all people who are being told they are elites, are truly elites, particularly Aryan goyim Freemasons.




Kathi Goertzen is being told by elite Jews that she is “with-them” [and the Freemasons], but in reality, Kathi is being poisoned daily by the very people she foolishly conspires most closely with, particularly her husband – KOMO executive Rick Jewett.  A technique elite Jews use in targeting Aryan Genocide through procreation and marriage.  “Keep you friends close, but your enemies closer.”

Dixon said it will be the same case for other news reporters in the Seattle media as well, who knowingly spew propaganda and lies over the public air-waves, solely for the interests of only a few, of which, they believe they are a part of.  However, ultimately, in reality, they are not, and are genetically destine to suffer a similar fate as Kathi… guaranteed.

Dixon said he and his Norwegian Masonic family do not trust elite Jews.  A mistrust based on the fact they lay witness to the Jews repeated acts of deceit, substantiated by means of having to deal with them on a daily basis while sharing the power-structure in running Seattle, King County and most of Washington State.

Thus, knowing firsthand of the lies and deceptions the elite Jews perpetrate, particularly against goyim Freemason’s, who are repeatedly told, as was Kathi, “no worries – your with us” while simultaneously sabotaging them, usually with a small amount of poison administered on a regular basis, ultimately causing medical ailments, typically ending in death, Dixon said.

Dixon told me in 1998 that Kathi Goertzen’s Jewish husband, Rick Jewett, is the number one suspect perpetrating the cause of Kathi’s brain tumor… that repeatedly grows back, but adds, others are most likely poisoning her as well, including her Jewish co-Anchor Dan Lewis, also Molly Shen, a very prominent Jew who Dixon said wants more air-time, and Eric Slocum, who is also Jewish, and just recently committed suicide at age 54 because of AIDS complications.

Rick Jewett KOMO_TV Account Executive

Rick Jewett and Arabian Horse – Jewett Captioned This Photo – “Fetch”

Dixon said Rick Jewett owns Arabian horses which are of Aryan Genetics that constantly come down with ailments.  In fact, Dixon said Jewett has already put two of them down because of illnesses.

Dixon said Jewett feeds poisoned “treats” to his Aryan Arabian horses, which he keeps hidden in his chest pocket while his horses try and nip at them [photo].  Dixon said Jewett poisons his Arabian horses to cause ailments, before they grow old, to justify purchasing newer, younger ones.

Which Dixon said he rationalizes doing because the horses are of Aryan Genetics… and Jews hate Aryans, just like Aryan Kathi Goertzen and her Aryan daughter from a previous marriage, who Dixon said is worried Jewett will target next.


Check out the length of this video – 4:44 – As four is the number of death.  This video was most likely created by a Jew…  just like all of Kathi’s doctors included herein.

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