Evidence CBS KIRO 7 Anchor Steve Raible is a Patsy-Shill

June 28, 2012

Masons, Seattle Media

SEATTLE, WA — On 30 May 2012, KIRO 7 news Anchor Steve Raible, acting genuinely and earnestly in delivering the eleven o’clock news broadcast, reported that the Romney camp, after just having clinched the Republican nomination, had “accidentally” misspelled the word AMERICA.  KIRO 7 then flashed the Romney camp spelling “mistake” logo on the television screen in all cap’s: “AMERCIA.”

Apparently, the Romney camp had somehow “accidentally” rearranged the last three letters to “CIA” in their 2nd grade-level spelling mistake to revel the word AMER-CIA.  Hum?  What do the letters CIA stand for?  The Central Intelligence Agency, perhaps?  The very Agency Bush Sr. [Republican] worked for prior to being elected as President?  Hum?  I can’t figure out how they could make such a simple, childish mistake… can you?

Are you serious?  C’mon, only rejects and morons [Mormons] could take this shit seriously.  This is clearly a message being sent to Bush Republican elites that Romney is one of them, and more importantly, how business will be conducted if and when he takes office.

Yet, ex-Seahawk Steve Raible, an Aryan Freemason, perhaps after just one too-many hits to the head, reads the news story as if it could have only one point of view, despite KIRO’s slogan of “covering all angles.”


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One Comment on “Evidence CBS KIRO 7 Anchor Steve Raible is a Patsy-Shill”

  1. Silver Bullet Says:

    They don’t need secret messages to show he’s one of them. They’re all one of them. Candidate choice is only an illusion. Bush = Obama = Romney.


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