Pedophile Ring: The Al Williams Story

December 31, 2015

Jews, Masons

Redmond Coach Al Williams

Jews within the state are systematically targeting Aryan children for rape and molestation through local municipality based community organized youth athletics and sport leagues.

Subsequently, in order to cover-up these Jewish crimes, their Aryan victims are further targeted into silence through use of police intimidation and false criminal charges.

Remembering Redmond’s child sex abuse scandal

This appears to be the chosen methodology pedophiles within the state employ to further ostracize an already victimized individual from ever being credible enough to bring legitimate accusations against their sexual abusers.

“People got mad at the kids for coming forward and mad at their parents. They were ostracized. It was very difficult for them.” – Attorney John R. (Jack) Connelly

A Jew State funded campaign of false innuendo and rumors, whose main purpose is to silence its accusers into psychological submission, or sometimes even death.

Dennis McCormick Kirkland Magicians 1978_Dennis McCormick Committed Suicide After Being Harassed for Complaining to Kirkland Police about Being Raped by Kirkland Magicians Coach Al Williams

Al Williams Kirkland Magicians Coach 1978Kirkland Magician’ Coach Al Williams Claims He Raped 77 boys in Kirkland and Redmond, in King County, Washington

According to my source, John Bolton‘s nephew, Greg T Dixon, a Masonic High school friend and informant deeply connected with Freemasonry, Dixon’s immediate family is deeply embedded within a Washington State pedophile ring that protects Williams and others from implication using the police and cronies to harass and intimidate their victims.

Kirkland Police Officer Crypto-CopBauer Dixon: 33rd degree Freemason Crypto-Cop Protecting the Kirkland Police who Protect themselves and Predators such as Al Williams

Dixon informed me in 1998, that as many as 14 of the 16 plus Aryan victims of Burgermaster Baseball Redmond, who traveled under “Miller Tours” to Europe with Burgermaster’s exclusively Jewish coaches, Al Williams, Jim Stewart, Dean Veal and Frank Miller, are now all dead.

Two of whom, Dixon said filed lawsuits that were covered up by King County Superior Court Jewish judges, who sealed the cases and hid the verdict from the media and the public to protect the Jewish pedophile ring.

pedophiles sealed casesHidden Lawsuits Implicating Jews Al Williams, Jim Stewart, Dean Veal and Frank Miller of Drugging and Raping 13-year-old Burgermaster Players while in Europe with ‘Miller Tours’

Dean VealThis is likely why, as of 2014, Jewish pedophile coaches under Jewish protection from the Jew State have most assuredly cleared out the lawsuits, and are now cryptically displaying evidence over the internet of their pedophile ties to raping boys who played for Burgermaster Baseball Redmond while in Europe traveling with “Miller Tours.”


  • “For eleven years he (Jim Stewart) has taken teams (16 and under) to Europe to compete against teams from the Netherlands and Belgium.”
  • “Taken teams (16 & under) to Europe to compete against teams from the Netherlands and Belgium for eleven years.”

Dixon said both child pornography and consensual sex with children, of any age, was legal in the Netherlands until 1993, and probably why he mentioned it twice.

Dixon said Burgermaster manager Jim Stewart, along with coaches Al Williams, Dean Veal and tour organizer Frank Miller, collectively drugged and raped multiple 13-year-old Burgermaster players over the course of his eleven year stint with Burgermaster Redmond while in Europe traveling with “Miller Tours.”

Whereby proxy of the media comment below; Stewart and Veal are admitting online, their connection to “Miller Tours,” who arraigned all the Burgermaster Redmond baseball traveling tours in Europe, where multiple Aryan children were drugged unconscious and gang-raped.

Around 2000, “Miller Tours” was profiled on King 5 news, where Lori Matsukawa said:

 “Anyone who went on one of these ‘Miller Tours’ should contact the police immediately, they’ll know what to do.”

According to Dixon, the vast majority of Aryan kids who were Jew picked to go on and play in Europe with this exclusively Jewish 16-year-old Burgermaster Redmond team, as  13-year-old Aryan “prodigies,” are now all dead.BurgermasterbaseballdeathFrank Miller, who is Jewish, and organized multiple “Miller Tours” to Europe for his pedo friends of the Jew State, where multiple 13-year-old Aryan children were repeatedly drugged unconscious, raped and molested against their will, is now safely hiding out in the Philippines, Dixon said.

Al Williams, who also is Jewish, coached for Burgermaster Redmond in Europe, right along side Manager Jim Stewart, also a Jew and 10-year scout for the Seattle Mariners.

Al Williams coached multiple youth leagues sponsored by the state in the 70s, and 80s, including the “Little Dribblers” and “Kirkland Magicians,” before heading to Redmond High School during an 18-year span where he claims privately to have raped 77 boys in King County, 27 alone that have been publicly reported by the police.

Kirkland Magicians 1978_FaceFront row: Michael Bryant #10, Scott Becker #20 Randy # 14, Chris Collins #30, Mark Gibson #12, Dennis McCormick #22 (committed suicide)
Back row: John Snider #24, Brian Bischoff #52, Al Williams, Steve Newsham #44 Mark Kaska #32

Most of Williams victims are from Redmond and Kirkland, Dixon said, where he also was caught raping  boys at Redmond High school, and spent a few years in jail for the crimes in King County.

Dixon said many of the boys were drugged unconscious using drugs slipped into their drinks, who were totally unaware what had taken place until later, if at all.

“More boys came forward telling stories of things Williams did to them, which were unspeakably atrocious. Police and the King County prosecutor collected enough evidence to put Williams in prison for five years.” – Bill Swartz

Al Williams Frank Miller

“Tacoma attorney Jack Connelly helped the victims and their families win a $7.4 million out-of-court settlement against Williams.” – Bill Swartz

Upon Williams’ release, immediately, he raped two more boys. This time underclass Jewish boys in Thurston County, a county where the Washington State pedophile ring didn’t yet have jurisdiction.

Dixon said both of the boys mother’s pressed charges, respectively, and Williams was sentenced for a considerable amount of time. This made other pedophiles in the state extremely nervous, fearing he would reveal information that he had on them in attempt to to reduce his sentence.

Al Williams’ younger brother, “Media Doug Williams,” works for King County as their media relations coordinator liaison, and is denying being related to Al Williams, even though the two coached baseball together in Kirkland, along with many witnesses and victims who played for him and his brother.

Media Doug WilliamsKing County public officials and the Seattle media are both protecting “Media Doug” from the public, as there are no available pictures of him found online anywhere, and more strangely, when being interviewed by the Jewish controlled Seattle television news media, per his job description, they never take a close-up shot of his face.

Nor of Al Williams, whose Aryan victims in Kirkland and Redmond still have no idea that he, along with Stewart, Veal and Miller, are all protected by Jewish Washington State politico pedophiles.

Burgermaster Baseball Pedophiles Al Williams, JimStewart, Dean VealJews: Al Williams, Jim Stewart, Dean Veal

Further, that Williams shared a myriad of photos taken of his conscious, semi-conscious, and unconscious victims with Dixon’s uncle, Bauer Dixon, a 33rd degree Freemason crypto-cop in Kirkland, who Dixon boasts is the largest dealer of child porn on the west coast.

Kirkland Police Officer Crypto-Cop Bauer Dixon

33 Degree Mason Kirkland Crypto-Cop Bauer Dixon

Jewish and Masonic involvement in the Washington State pedophile ring runs all the way up to the top at the State House in Olympia, Washington, Dixon said. Involving multiple Jewish politicos like House Speaker Frank Chopp, who are tied to local community athletic youth leagues, the Masonic police, and Jewish owned sponsors of the teams such as Burgermaster restaurant.


Jew WA Speaker Frank Chopp-D

All protecting the police, led by Bauer Dixon, John Bolton‘s first cousin, to target Aryans, directed through top level Masonic dealings Jews control and benefit from in their ‘Jew War’ against the Aryan race.

“Basically, I estimate that about seventy percent of the present crisis on this planet can be fairly attributed to the machinations of (Jewish) Neanderthal-Semitic elements of the human population against the (Aryan) Cro-Magnon majority of the human population.” – Michael Bradley

They Are Not Like Us — by Jack Harper


The relentless targeting of Aryan children by Jewish predators in Washington State organized youth leagues, based on the sheer numbers, most of whom were drugged unconscious against their will, clearly indicates Aryans are being specifically targeted by race, and clearly for no other possible fucking conclusion then for genetic racial destruction by a predatory Jew State.

Dennis McCormick’s father, an Aryan news media spokesman for WSDOT, never knew the state was behind his son’s death #22.

Dave McCormick, PE, WSDOT

Or that all of the Kirkland Magicians player named in the team photo above, including Dennis, had nude photos taken of them at Juanita High school in 1978 by Williams, Stewart, and Miller, Dixon said, for which many parents knew, yet no authorities were ever alerted, and currently are being sold and traded by his Masonic Kirkland crypto-cop uncle all around Puget Sound for profit.

Kirkland police officers Bryan McNaghten, a Mason, and Kent Olmstead, who is Jewish, according to Dixon, both went on a 1978 “Miler Tour” Burgermaster Baseball team tour of Europe with Williams, Stewart and Miller as 16-year-old Burgermaster players while also Kirkland police cadets employed at the city of Kirkland in Washington state.

kent-olmstead-al-williams-byran-mcnaghten_kirkland_policeJews Kent Olmstead, Al Williams, and Mason Bryan McNaghten

Dixon said Williams, Stewart, Miller, and Kirkland police cadets McNaghten and Olmstaed, along with other Jewish 16-year-old players and adults, collectively drugged and raped 13-year-old Aryan baseball “prodigy” Scott Becker, along with other 13-year-old Aryan “prodigy” victims who went on “Miller Tours” of Europe. Which constitutes kidnapping, sexual physical assault, and child sex trafficking in Europe, to say the least.


Aryan Victim Scott Becker

State protected Jewish pedophiles have infested within the city of Kirkland police department, by taking 16-year-old police, indoctrinating and grooming them to silence their accusers, a dynamic for which the victim becomes the hunted.

All backed by Jewish Kirkland Prosecutors Moberly & Roberts PLLC, who are directly related to the Jewish Snider family (Kay Snider née Moberly) who set Scott Becker up to be raped in 1978 by organizing the trip with family friend and Kirkland police officer Bryan McNaghten, who currently together control the city of Kirkland, Redmond, along with King County, and the State of Washington through Olympia, and precisely why Al Williams got as far as Redmond High School.

Eastside Prosecutor Lynn Moberly - Moberly & Roberts PLLC (Related to Kay Snider)

Eastside Prosecutor Lynn Moberly Moberly & Roberts PLLC – (Kay Snider Relative)

To further demonstrate the state’s Jewish hate of Aryan children, they’ve hunted down THIRTEEN Aryan deaths of their victims after being raped, including Aryan Dennis McCormick, who Dixon said committed suicide solely at the hands of Kirkland police harassing him, based on his allegations against Williams.

The bigger crime here– for if the police had done an investigation into Dennis McCormick’s complaints of abuse at the hands of Williams, they would have discovered every single player on the Kirkland Magicians knew he was being sexually abused back in 1978.

As of 1998, Dixon said Scott Becker is one of only THREE surviving 13-year-old Aryan “prodigy” victims of only SIXTEEN plus exclusively Aryan 13-year-old “prodigy” players who made the trip to Europe while playing for Burgermaster Baseball Redmond, where all tours, spanning eleven years, were organized by “Miller Tours.”

“Anyone who went on one of these ‘Miller Tours’ should contact the police immediately, they’ll know what to do.” – Lori Matsukawa, King 5 News


Remembering Redmond’s child sex abuse scandal

Schools Learn Tough Lessons On Abuse -- Stopping Teachers Who Prey On Students_1-vert


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  1. John Harris Says:

    Al Williams lives in Bellevue and is a member of the Bellevue Club. He married old Seattle money. I make it known to him that I know who he is!



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