Jewish Masonic Presidential Candidates 2020

August 31, 2019

Jews, Masons, Politics

Only Jews and Masons are allowed to run for President of the United States –

Even Trump is a Mason.

Illuminati Triangle

However, Masonic Aryans currently are not allowed to run for president. Trump is Aryan, but unaware of the this Jewish and Masonic (Neanderthal) rule.

Yes, there are ethnic Jews.

And Masons.

The Founding Fathers all were Masons, except crypto Jew Benjamin Franklin and John Hancock, who was also Jewish.

Nevertheless, it appears the Majority of candidates in 2020 are Jewish.

Booker, Harris, Williamson, Inslee, Moulton and Swalwell are all HALF JEWS.

Trump is majorly Aryan, but is believed to also be one eighth Jewish. Bennet appears to have a small amount of Jewish blood as well.

Soure: AP – Candidate Field Guide 2020

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3 Comments on “Jewish Masonic Presidential Candidates 2020”

  1. elfmom55 Says:

    Looks like Trump is Jewish by Miles Mathis

    Click to access trump.pdf


    • Solosides Says:

      Trump is Blueblood. A class above both the Aryan Freemason Elites and the Jewish Elites. I would know, because I have personally visited a Blueblood ranch in Texas that is several times larger than the Bush Ranch. I have Blueblood family in Palm Beach who has shook hands with Trump personally. Yet at the same time, there are Blueblood clubs in Palm Beach who do not see Trump, or my own family, as being worthy of their ranks. My great grandparents were members of one of those clubs. But after they passed away, their descendants (my grandparents) were deemed not worthy of membership. Despite the fact that they had already visited the club many times, and despite the fact that my grandfather was one of the top, most well respected doctors at the Mayo Clinic. The bloodlines take this kind of stuff very seriously and will discriminate against literally anybody, no matter how prominent they are, for god knows what reason.


  2. Creighton Rose Says:

    Trump been doing biz with the Khazarian Mob his entire life-(Much like his father)- All his children married Jewish spouses….Go back far enough in the Trump genealogy to Germany/Old country & youll find a bunch of Rabbis in his family line…

    Always remember, D.J.T’s uncle & M.I.T professor ~John Trump was tasked with going over Nicola Teslas journals, notes, patents-(issued & not issued)- in the late 1940’s for possible military applications. His answer: “Nothing here applicable”….5 or more trunks of the 25 trunks handed over never made it back to the original holders. The Trumps have had access to HIGH LEVEL Tesla tech…IE: Time Travel/Mind Kontrol Technology. Something tells me that the Trump family wouldnt use such mechanisms in a “service to others” altruistic fashion?

    Hes a Zionist boot licker w/o a doubt..A Whitehouse staffer was just fired for spilling the beans on his secret conversion to Judaism 2 years back or so now. Just how did Ivanka Trump ‘convert” to Chabad Lubavich when she was already Jewish via the matriarchal line of .Jewish descent on her mothers side?


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