Jewish Masonic Presidential Candidates 2020

August 31, 2019

Jews, Masons, Politics

Only Jews and Masons are allowed to run for President of the United States –

Even Trump is a Mason.

Illuminati Triangle

However, Masonic Aryans currently are not allowed to run for president. Trump is Aryan, but unaware of the this Jewish and Masonic (Neanderthal) rule.

Yes, there are ethnic Jews.

And Masons.

The Founding Fathers all were Masons (except John Hancock, who was Jewish).

Nevertheless, it looks like the Majority of candidates in 2020 are Jewish.

Soure: AP – Candidate Field Guide 2020

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One Comment on “Jewish Masonic Presidential Candidates 2020”

  1. elfmom55 Says:

    Looks like Trump is Jewish by Miles Mathis


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