John R Bolton, United States Ambassador to the Untied Nations, Neocon

John R Bolton

KIRKLAND, WA — If you had one chance to convey preemptively acquired knowledge… would you take it?

I grew up attending Jr High and High School with John R Bolton’s nephew, Greg T Dixon.  Dixon never mentioned to anyone who his relatives where… are.

Ultimately time caught up with this reality and the truth was unfurled at astonishing speed.

I did my best to retain it all while trying to keep my sanity one night in 1998, at the Lucky 7 tavern in Kirkland, Washington seated over a round table I wish had been a video recorder.

This site is dedicated to exposing truths uncovered through a single extraordinarily uncommon Masonic friendship-connection.

One whose ties stem deep inside top-level Masonic and Jewish conspirators: unfortunately, you cannot obtain this type of colluded inside information simply, anywhere else!

Many people who intrepidly dare to expose these Global Power Elites, Cabals, Inbreeds, Satanists, Neocon’s, NAZI’s, NWO, Oligarchy, Illuminati, Jews, Parasites or whatever you wish to call these “Puppet Masters” who control our world’s social-cultural, monetary and legal systems, do so at best from a second-hand position, or like so many out there, are pseudo-insider psy ops.

Meaning, they have not truly suffered personally and directly as have I by means of nonstop sabotage through deceitful relationships with these top-level Masons and Jews.

I aim to bring these conspirators down to the local level by “Naming Names” you are less familiar with, yet showing just how pervasive these conspiracies really are.

High School friend and Masonic informant Greg T Dixon is my source of most of the information contained herein.  Dixon is closely related to John R Bolton [his father’s first cousin].

John R Bolton is associated with the CFR, the Nonconservative movement, and was former United States Ambassador to the United Nations from 2005-2006 serving under President Bush.

Greg T Dixon – Jack Nicholson – Dr Phil McGraw – Dave Killackey

Dixon said he is also related to big time movie star Jack Nicholson, as well as television personality Dr. Phil McGraw AKA Dr Phil, and Jay Leno’s good Friend and Mechanic Dave Killackey.

Henry Yesler, Founder of Seattle, Seattle's First Millionaire

Henry Yesler

Greg T Dixon said he has 3,000 plus family members living in the Seattle area and is a direct descendant of Henry L Yesler, the city’s founding father and it’s first millionaire, who also was a Norwegian Freemason.

Dixon said his uncle, Kirkland police officer Bauer Dixon is a 33rd degree Freemason, and the largest dealer of Child Pornography on the west coast: dealing mostly to “prominent Jews “in the area, whom he also arranges sex with Children for while personally standing by… keeping order.  Dixon said the “Secret” of the Crypt is having sex with Children.

Dixon said most of his immediate family are good friends and or connected to the local news media in Seattle  – mostly through his uncle’s dealings of Child Pornography to their “journalist,” including ABC KOMO 4 News Anchor Kathi Geortzen, who attended one of his birthday dinners.

Dixon said he and his family were also invited over to dinner at CBS KIRO 7 News Anchor Susan Hutchinson’s waterfront home, at ritzy Hunts Point in Bellevue.  Susan Hutchison later ran for the office of King County Executive in Seattle.

Dixon said his Norwegian family members control most of the Puget Sound region in Washington State.  Dixon said he is related to King County Superior court Judges in Seattle, a Ferry Boat Captain on the Sound, cops in Kirkland and Bellevue, as well as many others involved in local Government and Industry and the media.

Dixon said the Jews are steadily taking the City of Seattle and the surrounding areas away from his ruling Norwegian family at every possible position of power in Government and Industry.

Dixon said he and his Masonic family do not like the Jews, but are forced to be civil to them in their (corrupt) dealings while sharing power throughout the State.  Dixon said he is personally worried the Jews are trying to dissolve his Masonic family Genetics from the planet, as stated in the Protocols.




Dixon said I [Corruptico] am being targeted relentlessly and persistently by the powers that be –  mostly “prominent Jews,” but also including his own Masonic family members, and other Masons – predominantly because of my “Aryan & Bohemian” DNA: German, Scottish-Welsh, French and Czech.  Dixon said my “truth exposing Archetype and Bloodline” also play a big role in why the Jews and Masons want me dead…quickly!

On many occasions while in the company of these traitorous inbreeds, I had suspected I was being put in peril without being afforded the full disclosure of such intent.  It took Greg T Dixon to fill in the blanks with specifics, revealing to me the true intentions of these Satanic criminals and their perpetrated actions upon me during numerous times of deceit [all hidden under the guise of friendship] thus, waking me up from my slumber, to this most hostile reality!

Throughout this site, I will be revealing information conveyed to me by Greg T Dixon, as well as experiences I have witnessed firsthand.

The truth of the matter: we are all being seriously misled by elite Jews and Masons who have absolutely no problem lying right to our faces – for the mass destruction of [population] races…”Eugenicide” being their basis.  Time to step up to these inbred races and let ’em know where their place is.

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