Microsoft Word ‘Spell Check’ Embedded Eugenic Code

December 31, 2013

Eugenics, Jews

Crypto Jew Eugenicist Bill Gates

Crypto-Jew Eugenicist Bill Gates

Would you like to know a simple way to check your DNA to see if it is making the final ‘eugenic cut’ or not?

There’s an app for that. One created by no other than Microsoft Jew eugenicist himself, Mr Bill Gates.

According to US Ambassador to the UN John Bolton’s nephew, Greg Dixon, a Masonic High School friend and informant deeply connected with Freemasonry, included within Microsoft’s Word program app ‘spell check’ lies an embedded eugenic code that filters out the names of people NOT making the eugenic cut.

The app works simply enough, for whom anyone, even children, can easily apply and check their chromosomal status. All one needs to do, is type in their last name (surname) to see if it is underlined by a red squiggly underscoring the surnames of those NOT making the genetic cut.

That’s it, you’re done!

Of course it’s not 100% accurate, and won’t work for such popular surnames as Johnson, Anderson, Smith, Williams and Jones, etc… and older editions of the software may prove more precise…


Apparently, many ‘elite’ believing they’re making the final ‘eugenic cut‘ are not actually going to be around after the 95% population reduction if the true elites have their way, and by proxy, their names were purposely left off earlier editions of Word spell check. This is why older editions, released prior the ‘upgrade,’ will prove far more accurate.

Go ahead though if you dare, type in your surname and check your fate, it’s a fun and simple way to see what side of the railroads tracks you’re on. Call grandma, let her know.

Just remember however, if the RED LINE appears your fate is most likely sealed, and you will probably be killed at a FEMA death camp in the very near future via hollow point bullet to back of the head.

Seemingly, along with these three Jews here:

Spell Check





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