Coronavirus Depopulation Vaccination Bioweapon

March 31, 2020


The arrival of Nibiru activated a bioweapon release and vaccination depopulation ‘CAPS’ program by the Deep State, before mass awakening –

Nibiru, the 12th planet in our solar system, also known as Planet X, Nemesis, The Destroyer, Wormwood, Hercolubus and Planet of Crossing – Is expected in year 2021.

The source for this information is John Bolton’s nephew, Greg T Dixon, a Masonic High school friend and informant deeply connected with Freemasonry.

Nibiru, Kobe Bryant, Depopulation

According to Dixon, Kobe Bryant is a top-level Mason fully aware of Nibiru’s imminent return, whereby he made a Nike commercial depicting its reappearance (along with the Anunnaki).

Kobe ‘Black Mamba’ Nike Commercial:

Dixon said Kobe does not want to participate in the round up of citizens to be put into FEMA (death) camps before the return of Nibiru, and therefore decided to fake his death in a helicopter crash right before the roundup.

In 1998, it was explained by Dixon how the elite want to use a virus to depopulate the planet, but are afraid to use a KNOWN existing plague virus due to the fact it would be traced back to bio weapons labs they control.

AIDS: Man-made Bioweapon Created by Jew Run US Military Industrial Complex

Therefore, they plan on using an existing virus currently NOT known to cause pandemic death, that they could claim evolved into a plague virus on its own.

Interestingly, there has been an outbreak virtually every election year since 1998.

Same psyop, different year.

Dixon was born and raised in Kirkland, Washington, the epicenter of the U.S. coronavirus outbreak and location of the Life Care Center where it first appeared, where Dixon said he personally knows the directors of the facility.

Kirkland Masons

The city of Kirkland is Jewish controlled in a Blue (Jew) State that is full of corruption. Dixon has family who are Kirkland police officers, Deep State operatives, prosecutors and judges in the corrupted county.

In 1998, Dixon said the staff at the Life Care Center in Kirkland, claim they can cause the death of residents simply by the way they treat them while in their care at the facility, and that public liaison, Tim Killian, could direct that to happen when required.

As is reported, the coronavirus started in China, where Dixon said the city of Wuhan is populated majorly by Aryan Asians.

Masonic Mao and U.S. Marxist Commie Bolsheviks (consisting of U.S. Jews via Rothschild) colluded in the 50s to bring forth Aryan intellectuals under Mao’s Great Leap Forward.

The U.S. Jewish led plan purposely killed 45 million in four years – of Aryan inteligencia.

Fast forward to Wuhan, and again there’s endless video evidence of Chinese authorities targeting Aryan citizens for forced removal, who appear otherwise to be healthy – under Xi Jinping’s Aryan Genocide 2.0.

The mass hysteria being implemented by the Chinese state using ‘Smoke and Mirrors’ via mass spraying of the city of Wuhan, was a Magick production to scare the West, where the virus would be heading next, needed for obtaining maximum psychological conforming impairment on the affluent and well-armed populous.

Currently, crematoriums in China continue to run nonstop, producing a large quantity of urns. “Wuhan reported only about 2,500 coronavirus deaths, but 5,000 urns were delivered to one mortuary.”

China secretly rounding up Aryans, likely is behind 22million missing cellphone accounts as well.

Just like with Mao in the 50s, the U.S. Deep State has again teamed-up with Xi Jinping to exterminate Aryans, only this time China’s military will be entering the U.S. under Jade Helm, the joint military agreement between China and the United States, where China’s One Child Policy has created a male dominated society that leaves soldiers in the military bitter due to the shortage of available women for which they blame the U.S. for implementing.

The plan is to impose Martial Law on Americans over the coronavirus pandemic, then when things get out of hand call in China’s massive military of sexually frustrated soldiers to help quash dissent – where Aryans, nemesis of the elite, will be exterminated nationwide.

The operation will be run from the Cheyenne Mountain Complex in Colorado.

U.S. military command teams in charge of protecting homeland security are being isolated in the infamous Cheyenne mountain bunker where they will remain ‘sealed off’ until the coronavirus pandemic passes

“In the video at the link below, starting around the 15:20, Bill Gates is calling for only people who have a vaccination certificate to be allowed to travel.

This is the exact plan Dixon laid-out in 1998, with Bill Gates leading the effort through his tax free foundation.

Apparently, Gates got caught in India for the same thing he is currently attempting to do to Americans nationwide.

India To Prosecute Bill Gates For Using Tribal Children To Conduct Illegal Vaccine

1930s German Propaganda Archive Julius Streicher and Vaccinations (Aryans and Jew).

“Well, guess what the Israelis say about their vaccine, “Let’s call it pure luck.

Denmark Passes Law Enabling Forced Coronavirus Vaccinations

This is why elites like Tom Hanks and Prince Charles have already come down with the virus, now they won’t need the vaccine and can travel freely around the world advocating for worldwide vaccinations.

Celebrities with coronavirus

~ Bill Gates

“Invisible Quantum Dot Tattoos could be used to ID vaccinated…

Vaccine is in fact likely to be the kill shot – via

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One Comment on “Coronavirus Depopulation Vaccination Bioweapon”

  1. David Blomstrom Says:

    Kirkland is controlled by Jews? Doesn’t surprise me.

    See my book Jew Flu: The Coronavirus Conspiracy @ One interesting connections is Intellectual Ventures, a Bellevue establishment run by a Jew who used to be one of Microsoft’s top dogs.

    I’ll have much more to say about Jewarchy (Jewish corruption) in some forthcoming books.


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